Urban renewal refers to the necessary planned reconstruction of any urban space which is not suitable for modern urban social life. Urban residents may have different expectations and discontents regarding the building they live in, the surroundings, traffic, shopping, entertainment and other activities, so they have new demands for repair and renovation of their own building and the improvement of the environments including streets, park, green space and unfavorable residential area, etc. The activities of urban construction for all these purposes are called as urban renewal.

Founded in 1996, Han’s Holdings Group Ltd. is headquartered in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Now, it has developed into a large comprehensive commercial and residential property development group with the total assets of over 30 billion RMB. As a controlling shareholder of Han’s Laser, a listed company, it is specialized in property development and engaged in many fields including urban renewal, real estate development, overseas real estate, hotel operations, commercial management and property management.

Faced with the downturn in global economy and the instability in domestic investment market, more and more Chinese investors turn to overseas markets urgently seeking for an investment platform for stable appreciation of their fortune. According to the statistics by a foreign investment review board, China has overtaken the United States to become the largest source of foreign investments in real estate in Australia. The Chinese real estate developers should "go global", thinking carefully how to allocate the assets reasonably for minimization of risks.

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