The membership Guide

I. Tenet of Han’s Club

Han’s Club takes the promotion and advocacy of "making every Chinese live in their dream house" as its own mission, and maintains the tenet of "creating the harmonious homeland in a customer-oriented manner" to nurture the healthy and harmonious neighborhood and create the harmonious living environment and high-quality community life.

II. Conditions for Admission

1. Basic Requirement: Citizen at the age of above 18.

2. Submittal: An applicant must complete the Club Application Form in a truthful, accurate and complete manner, and may become a member of the club after examination & approval by the Club. Any incorrect or inaccurate information submitted may cause the failure in approval by Han’s Club, and make the applicant not be admitted into the club or enjoy the rights and interests as a member. The Club will keep personal information of applicants and members confidential.

III. Ways of Admission

1. Fill a Membership Application Form and mail or fax it to Han’s Club or drop it at any place designated by Han’s Club.

2. Every member submits personal information to the Club of his own free will. All members must accept and comply with the Prospectus of Han’s Club voluntarily. An application for membership can be submitted in the following ways:

1) Fill a Membership Application Form and mail it to Customer Service Department, Han’s Sci-tech Center, No. 9988, Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District, Guangdong; 

Member Recruitment Hotline: 0755-86632550/1   Fax: 0755-86677222

2) Fill a Membership Application Form at any sales center of Han’s Holdings in Shenzhen;

3) Any owner may fill and submit a Membership Application Form to any property service center of Han’s Holdings in Shenzhen.

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