Responsible service attitude and steadily improving strength bring multiple awards to the companies of the Group

Han’s Group advocates the spirit of "selfhood, self-forgetfulness, no-self, justice, decentness, correctness", i.e. satisfying one’s own physiological needs, realizing one’s own value, surpassing selfhood, and working self-forgetfully, and pursuits the business tenet of "building diligently with honest service, creating exquisiteness and pursuing excellence". Through the form of internal and external cultivation and with the service attitude of being responsible to the society, it has enhanced its comprehensive strength stably. For years, the companies affiliated to the Group have received multiple awards of state, provincial, departmental and ministerial levels. Gao Yunfeng, Chairman of the Group, won the Shenzhen Mayor’s Award (Entrepreneurs) in 2006 and the title "Pioneering Entrepreneurs of 30 Excellent Characters in the 30th Anniversary of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone" in 2010.

Han’s Group has always been dedicated to property development and project incubation, it owns strong capital strength and enjoys a good development prospect, thus providing great career development space and good salary and benefits for employees. It persists in providing high-quality properties for customers to enjoy the life and keeps moving forward for better customer satisfaction. Han’s Group will follow the trend in a market-oriented manner to create a business conglomerate with brand new ideas and of rapid development on the premise of reasonable allocation and sharing of resources including technology, market, talent and management.

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