A Successful Holding of Han’s Holdings Engineering Construction Management System Training Meeting

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    On November 6, 2017, Han’s Holdings Construction & Cost Head Office, in order to implement the management tenet

of “Master design, craftsman manufacturing, creating exquisiteness, pursuing excellence” proposed by chairman

of the board, organized employees of all departments to carry out the engineering construction management system



    Through near half a year’s efforts, documented engineering construction management system has been basically

established. In the system training meeting, Gao Qiang, the general manager of Construction & Cost Head Office,

gave a detailed introduction to basic knowledge of management system and elaborated the necessity and importance

to establish and implement management system. Besides, he clearly put forward the management goal of head office

and all subordinate departments: all employees should, according to system document requirement, do their own

jobs well and work together to build an engineering construction management team with loyalty and unity, good

style and incomparable technology.


    The newly established Han’s Holdings Engineering Construction Management System includes the following six

modules: management plan, management responsibility, resource management, process managing & supervising,

performance evaluation & assessment, and continuous improvement; it consists of the following six subsystems:

engineering design management system, engineering cost management system, engineering plan management system,

engineering purchasing management system, engineering construction management system and performance management

system. The establishment and operation of the system will standardize engineering construction process

management, improve engineering project management quality, lower cost, and prevent and relieve risks, thus

laying a solid foundation to build “Exquisite engineering”.

    During the meeting, Zhao Bin, the manager of engineering information management department, also conducted a

training on performance and plan management system.


    Although the training time is short, its content is rich and practical. After the concentrated training meeting,

all departments will further organize and carry out training on subsystems and gradually improve all business

working quality of head office, so as to realize the goal of “Creating exquisiteness, pursuing excellence”.


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